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There is a lot more that goes into your flooring than the surface you walk on. The flooring system in homes and commercial buildings consist of three layers: the surface floor (e.g, vinyl, laminate, hardwood, carpet, etc.), the underlayment that lies directly under the surface floor, and the structural sub floor that is installed over the floor joists.

The sub floor is integral to the structure of a home and proper floor preparation is key to having a strong, durable, and safe platform. Unfortunately, uneven sub floors that have ripples, waves, or dips can lead to creaking floors, sagging, or cause the surface floor to fail completely. That's why exceptional preparation services are the crucial first step for any new floor installation.

At New Level Floors, our professional floor levelling services ensure that your sub floor is solid, flat, and stable. Our sub floor levelling services use the latest techniques and technology to provide the desired results every time. Our team is known for providing exceptional preparation services to streamline the entire process; from floor levelling to sub floor repair to a new floor install, our extensive professional experience allows us to do it all.

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Why Do You Need Level Floors?

Flat and Smooth Floor

The condition, walkability, and quality of your laminate, tile flooring, vinyl, concrete, or hardwood floors starts with your subfloor. For safety, comfort, and durability, all hard surface flooring requires a subfloor that is not just level, but completely flat. This is true of all flooring types, whether you are floating a floor over an underlay or securing a floor in place using adhesive or nails, uneven sub floors can cause your flooring to fail. Without successful concrete surface preparation, established floors can suffer cracks, chips, and breaks. It can also be a safety concern, especially in commercial and industrial buildings where heavy machinery moves across the floor. But in just a few hours, our floor leveling service can create the perfect canvas for a flat and smooth floor. Long lasting and cost effective, make your sub floor surface ready with New Level Floors.

What We Offer

Delivering exceptional service is of the utmost importance to our company. Our expert team possesses skills to provide precise floor leveling services that are reliable, durable, and affordable. We are committed to using high-quality materials and trusted techniques, so you can be confident that your floor leveling will remain stable for many years to come. To ensure we understand your needs and preferences, we provide complimentary consultations with a free quote before any work begins. Contact our team today, so we can help you achieve safe, floor leveling for your property.

Floor Leveling in Vancouver

Floor Leveling
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How We Do Floor Leveling — Our Process

Floor leveling is a complex process that requires specialized equipment, materials, and skills which is why self-levelling is not recommended. To prevent damaged floors and ensure a strong, stable, and durable sub floor system, our professional floor levelling services typically follow this process:

  • 1st Point of Process - Floor Inspection

    Floor Inspection

    The first step is to inspect the already established floors and identify any areas that are uneven. To do this, we will measure the floor's slope using a rotary laser level at various locations along the room's perimeter.

  • 2nd Point of Process - Remove Existing Flooring

    Remove Existing Flooring

    Prior to sub floor levelling, any old or damaged floors must be removed.

  • 3d Point of Process - Surface Preparation

    Surface Preparation

    To ensure your sub floor is surface ready, we will clean and prep the area before any levelling compounds are applied. This involves removing debris, dust, or loose material that could interfere with the floor levelling.

  • 4th Point of Process - Apply Levelling Compound

    Apply Levelling Compound

    Once the surface is properly prepared, levelling compounds are applied to the floor. There are a couple options for leveling compounds: traditional concrete and self-levelling compounds. While the former is pure concrete, the latter is typically a mix of cement and other materials. Depending on your space, one may be preferable over the other; however, both can result in a smooth, level surface.

  • 5th Point of Process - Spread the Compound

    Spread the Compound

    Using a trowel or a roller, we will spread the compound evenly across the floor's surface. Depending on the extent of the floor levelling required, certain areas may need to be thicker or thinner for optimal results.

  • 6th Point of Process - Allow to Dry

    Allow to Dry

    Before any new floor can be installed, the levelling compound must be completely dry. Afterwards, we carefully concrete grinding. The drying time can range from just a few hours to several days depending on the consistency and application of the compound.

  • 7th Point of Process - Lightly Sand

    Lightly Sand

    To ensure the surface is smooth and flat, we will carefully sand the floor coatings. This will ensure there are no dents, waves, or gaps in the surface.

  • 8th Point of Process - New Flooring Installation in Vancouver

    New Flooring Installation

    Once the sub floor is completely level, it's time to install your new flooring. From hardwood, laminate, and vinyl to carpet, tiles, and concrete floors, there are many options to choose from. Based on your structure, aesthetic, and budget, our team can help determine the best flooring type for your property.


Should you attempt floor levelling yourself? While self-levelling compounds and tools are available for purchase and use, this type of project is best suited for a professional floor leveller. For starters, self-levelling compounds and equipment are expensive. It's much more economical to invest in professional sub floor levelling services and have the job done right, rather than attempt it yourself, only to require a replacement a few years down the road.

Secondly, each project comes with its own unique set of challenges, all of which require a specially trained eye to spot and solve. For example, perhaps you want to install concrete floor levelling in a series of industrial buildings or homes. This raw, industrial look can have a great effect with the correct concrete grinding, but without the proper preparation, installation, and treatment, it can look undone, messy, and have a poor performance.

Conversely, professional floor levelling ensures your sub floor is even, smooth, and prepared to handle years of heavy use. This results in a more aesthetically pleasing, durable, and cost-effective floor design. A floor that is built to last a lifetime!

Should I try to level the floor myself?
Should you attempt floor levelling yourself

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Our team of specialists has 20+ years of experience in flooring supply and installation in Vancouver area. We have attained the success we enjoy today through our commitment to offering quality products and exceptional service at a competitive price. With clients throughout Surrey, Langley, White Rock and New Westminster, ranging from homeowners to business people, New Level Floors is among the region's leading flooring companies.

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Our team of licensed contractors specialize in floor levelling for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. With many years of experience, we can guarantee expert execution every time.


We are committed to using the best equipment and materials on the market to ensure your floors are safe and level. We take great pride in our work and will not consider a project complete until it meets our own set of incredibly high standards.

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At New Level Floors, we believe in providing exceptional customer service. With every project we take on, our goal is to exceed client expectations. We work closely with our clients to ensure their needs and preferences are understood and always engage in clear, honest, and consistent communication.


We understand that our flooring service is a significant investment and we do not take that responsibility lightly. That's why we offer competitive pricing and various financing options to ensure our services are accessible to the people who need it.

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In addition to floor levelling, New Level Floors is proud to offer additional services, including:

The all-round flooring experts, you can rely on our team to provide great service from start to finish. Whether you need exceptional preparation services or professional flooring installation, New Level Floors guarantees quality, reliability, and incredible craftsmanship.

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