Floor Removal & Disposal in Vancouver

Floor Removal Services

Installing a new floor is exciting but remember that there's always old flooring to remove, and it can be a difficult task. Often the work is filthy and dusty; previous carpet and mainly the rugs underlay must be removed and disposed of, including any old nails and staples if there are before the new flooring is fitted, every unnecessary thing packed and arranged in bin bags for disposal.

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 Floor Removal Services in Vancouver

There is also the issue of storing the waste, throwing it away with some trips from the building to the disposal point. It has never been a smooth job removing all the flooring in your home or office. Even just the old floor dismantling in a room can be too much work if you're new in home improvement. You just found yourself the best team in dealing with floor removal and disposal.

Let the experts NEW LEVEL FLOORS handle the removal and demolition of your old floor safely. We provide floor removal and disposal services in Vancouver to homes, shops, offices, churches, etc. Our work is done by professional technicians at a competitive price. Contact us today and have the job done safely and prevent your flooring from being destroyed.

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Why hire us?

It may look like hiring a professional to remove your old flooring isn't a logical solution when you can do it yourself, especially if you're trying to save money. Hiring a team of specialists to do the job for you is always a smart move if you want to ensure the work is done perfectly.

We will ensure that dust and debris are kept from your house. You won't have to worry about the mess spreading to other rooms or having to do the cleaning afterwards.

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Removing tile can sometimes affect the subfloor beneath. If you decide to do the removal yourself, you might cause damage to the subfloor. If you allow us to do the job for you, we will use strategies to minimize the damage to the subfloor as we get the job done. Trim and walls are also at risk of damage during removal, hire us, and you will not see any scrapes.

We will also dispose of all of the waste for you; you don't have to worry about getting rid of the old tiles.

What is the cost?

The cost of removing your old floor depends on how much time the project will take, the size of the room, and the equipment needed to complete the job.

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