SPC Tile Flooring Installation in Vancouver

SPC Tile Flooring Installation

SPC is short for Stone Plastic Composite. The SPC tiles are made by combining limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core. Hence, creating a layer that cannot be easily damaged, maintaining its form even when installed on top of uneven subfloors.

SPC flooring is becoming more and more popular due to its remarkably desirable features listed below:

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SPC Tile Flooring Installation in Vancouver

A variety of styles and selections

This wide range of styles gives you the freedom to choose the pattern and arrangement you like. You can decide to have a mix and match with multiple colours to create your desired appearance. Just let your creativity flow, and we will do the installation for you!


Generally, SPC flooring is more budget-friendly compared to hardwood flooring, and yet it's able to offer a similar natural wood-like effect you desire. The installation price is also affordable. It's an alternative to expensive wood flooring.

Ability to sustain high traffic

SPC flooring is able to deal with high traffic activity better than other kinds of flooring. This feature is among the reasons why it's so popular. It can handle plenty of foot traffic, making it suitable for large families or active people.


SPC flooring is durable and long-lasting. I'm sure you have come across SPC tile brands that offer over 15 years of warranty. If properly maintained, it can last up to 20 years. The quality range of SPC and the method of installation play a vital role in determining how long your floor will last. Speaking of quality, we offer the best products, and our installation is done safely by our team of professionals.

Real wood-like design

This type of flooring is designed to imitate the beauty of nature. With some brands, it's even hard to differentiate it from the real wood. Isn't it awesome?

Easy to clean and maintain

If you have less time for house chores or you're not a homemaker, SPC flooring should be your choice. All you need to do is regular sweeping and mopping, and your house is clean. If you find any damaged pieces or tiles, it's easy to replace each piece without removing the entire flooring. Maintaining SPC flooring is easier.

Underfoot comfort

SPC flooring is not as hard as wood flooring. It comes with a certain level of comfort when stepping on it. It also has a thin layer of foam that adds softness and flexibility, making standing for long hours on this type of flooring feel less tired.

100% waterproof

SPC flooring that is well-fitted is almost seamless, making it hard for water to penetrate. This interesting feature makes it appropriate for almost all surfaces, including the bathroom, kitchen, laundry area and restaurants.

Simple and direct installation

SPC tiles can be fitted on top of your existing floor as long as the surface is even and smooth. The installation is also simple, especially for the click-lock method. It's designed for people who like DIY!

Have you been looking for a company that offers quality SPC flooring in Vancouver? Are you tired of dealing with unprofessional installers who overcharge their services? Well, look no further! We are the experts in the industry. Call us today and receive outstanding products and exceptional expertise.

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